A Rant and a Rave

Sorry I am new to all this so finding my bearings but I need to write about this in order to get some of the frustration out.

When was it decided that relatives,grandparents and close friends are given carte blanch in terms of how they judge the decisions you make no matter how big or small in the interest of your new child ???

When did asking them to please wash your hands after smoking a fucking cigarette and attempting to pick up my daughter become “disrespectful”.

Why is leaving a party at your closest friends house a bit early because we as parents are fucking brand new to this and when our tiny little fragile human who depends completely on us, begins to fuss and the only sure thing to stop that is to get her home in to her and our comfort zone.

When did having a child become more about everyone else than about the actual child.

I am not saying I am without fault in life but for shit sakes, people’s constant effort to ensure their own happiness has become a dark and dirty hindrance from enjoying the actual thing which should be appreciated.


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